TYR Tacticalが入荷しました

TYR Tacticalが入荷しました。

TYR Insulated Neck Gaiter
TYR Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch – Horizontal Gas Mask
TYR Intermediate Lower Medical Pouch

TYR Basic Plate Carrier – BPC
TYR Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch – Small Mesh Dump
TYR Ordnance/ Breaching Pouch – Small Dump FR
TYR Pistol Mag Pouch – Double 9mm Glock
TYR M4/M16 Magazine Pouch holds 2 with flap
TYR 6×6 Medium General Purpose Pouch with top zipper
TYR Pistol Mag Pouch – Combat Adjustable
TYR General Purpose Pouch – Medium 6″x 4”


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